Непонятные инфузории от Arianna Piazza (7 картинок)


Date of Birth:
9 November 1983.

His backround starts at the high school of arts G.De Fabris located in Nove (VI) with the specialization in achitecture and furnishing. Earned the post — high school diploma in Indoor Architecture Insitute located in Schio (VI). (Laurea con lode, non so come si dice) Academy of Fine Arts in Venice with her studies focused on paintings.

«Her personal research gain it’s pleasure from scientific magazines as Focus where she observes with interests natural forms and colors and micro organisma looked at the microscope.
The magnification of a spongy bone, a flower petal or a hair can easily become abstract scareful forms. It’s lokigina at that forms that Arianna inspiration grow up and end up on her works. So we’ll see hybric creatures wth pricks and swells of some jelly and gummy creatures surrounded by tangles of lines and dark magmatic sposts.
Lookign at those strange forms you can also recognize some anatomical parts, of some strange animal, smetimes similar to a liver or a kidney. Looking at those creations may provoke sympathy or be disturbing as looking at some pieces of genetic mutated flesh.
The main tecniques used bu the artists are sprayed acrylic with airbrush, black oil pastel on a white canvas with a white chalk base.»

Mixed media on canvans.







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